Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation


Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation offered a range of fellowships awarded between 2015-2018. These fellowships focused on new insights into the Queensland experience of WWI and its aftermath.

2018 Fellowships Recipients

Four (4) Fellowships were awarded annually during the Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation project between 2015-2018. Valued at $15,000 each, these fellowships supported research projects that uncovered and explored untold stories about Queensland’s experience during the First World or other significant military campaign from the last 100 years.

One (1) of the Q ANZAC 100 Fellowships was awarded to a project that would use digital content to produce an innovative outcome. Digital content about Queensland may be sourced online from any collecting institution but should include some content from Queensland’s key collecting institutions - SLQ, Queensland State Archives and Queensland Museum.

Anastasia Dukova

Dr Anastasia Dukova

Anastasia’s project, Queensland Police and the Great War Effort seeks to connect the police and war service stories and histories of the men who left the Queensland Police Force (QPF) active duty to volunteer in the Australian Imperial Forces (AIF), 1914-1918.

Deborah Terranova

Deborah Terranova

Deborah’s project, Queensland Women and War: a multicultural perspective of the experiences of female civilians during World War II, endeavours to identify and collate experiences of Queensland women during the Second World War from a multicultural perspective, focusing on the experiences of women who were deemed to be enemy aliens under the National Security Act (1939), and the impacts on their families and the communities in which they lived.

Martin Kerby

Dr Martin Kerby

Martin’s project, A War Imagined: Queenslanders and the Great War will investigate the nature of how Queenslanders imagined the years between 1914 and 1939 as expressed in letters, diaries, newspaper accounts and commemorative events.

Elaine Acworth: Digital Fellowship

Elaine Acworth: Digital Fellowship

Elaine’s project, Put out into the deep, will seek to develop an audio theatre piece around Australian Women’s Army Service (AWAS) personnel. In 1942 these women intercepted, deciphered and decoded encrypted Japanese military messages, thus providing vital intelligence to the Australian war effort.  State Library collections will lend depth to the aural landscape of the project and provide fresh ways of engaging with our city’s historical landscape.

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Eternal flame at the Shrine of Remembrance on Anzac Day in Brisbane, Queensland, 2014. Kelly Hussey-Smith and Alan Hill Anzac Day Photographs 2014. Image No: 29474-0001-0008