Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation


Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation offers a range of fellowships to be awarded over the next four years that will focus on new insights into the Queensland experience of WWI and its aftermath.


Resource 1

A State of War, an interactive online portal, uncovers the key moments, stories, and never-before-seen photographs which reveal how Queenslanders experienced the First World War.

Resource 2

Digital Stories - 30 contemporary short films which mark the commemoration of the First World War.

Resource 3

Nearly 30,000 Queensland Soldier Portraits, previously published in The Queenslander newspaper, have been digitised and are available online through SLQ's One Search catalogue. PDF guide (PDF 396.6 KB)

Resource 4

Q ANZAC 100 On the home front history symposium 10 & 11 May 2016

Video Presentations

Professor Joan Beaumont Keynote and Launch by Ian Townsend 1:33:18 minutes (Opening musical performance by John Thompson/Professor Joan Beaumont, Australian National University)

Opening by Sonia Cooper, SLQ State Librarian and CEO 05:43 minutes

Professor Mick Dodson Keynote 36:32 minutes (Professor Mick Dodson, Australian National University)

Professor Mick Dodson & Professor Joan Beaumont Q&A 40:59 minutes

The Lives of Others Sessions

Why is Your Face so White Mother?: Women and the Conscription Debates 1916–1917 36:03 minutes (Professor Joy Damousi, University of Melbourne)

Unity or Division?: The Queensland Homefront in World War I 34:20 minutes (Dr Raymond Evans, Griffith University and University of Queensland)

Fighting the war at home – the campaign against enemy aliens in WW1 Australia 30:35 minutes (Adjunct Professor Gerhard Fischer, University of New South Wales)

The Lives of Others Panel Discussion 19:45 minutes

Hearts and Minds Sessions

They also serve: children and families on the home front – Queensland in World War One 32:46 minutes (Professor John Pearn, University of Queensland)

Telling difficult family war stories: searching for Hector Thomson 26:34 minutes (Professor Alistair Thomson, Monash University)

Grasping harpies and desperate women: fortune-telling during the First World War 31:36 minutes (Dr Alana Piper, Griffith University)

Hearts and Minds Panel Discussion 29:35 minutes

Resource 5

2016 Heritage Leaders Workshop: Creating a legacy 12 May 2016

View the PowerPoint presentations from the workshops, including upcoming facilitator of the educators workshop Learning and unlearning about the Great War (28 July 2016) Mark Cryle's research workshop presentation, Fact finding or research? (PDF 1.7 MB)

Watch the video presentations and discussions, including a play excerpt and panel presentation from Elaine Acworth, the facilitator of the upcoming educators workshop Century old stories vs. contemporary students (25 August 2016)

Resource 6

Queensland Women of the First World War 43:08 minutes

This workshop will guide you to explore the lives of Queensland women, who each played a unique role in the First World War. As you explore their personal historical collections, hypothesise how their involvement impacted on the changing role of women during this time.

Resource 7

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Participation in WWI 1:48:37 minutes

State Library of Queensland is continuing to discover and confirm Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Soldiers of the First World War. In this teacher professional development, we present the current findings and engage Queensland teachers with how to research Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander soldiers and their stories, to discover a somewhat hidden history.

Resource 8

Service, sacrifice & staying at home 1:20:56 minutes

Q ANZAC 100 Fellowship recipient Dr Mark Cryle led an energetic exploration of what it meant for Queensland men and women to serve, sacrifice or stay at home during the First World War.

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