Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation

What is Q ANZAC 100?

More than 57,000 Queenslanders served our country in the First World War.

Stories of courage, resilience, sacrifice and duty from the home front and the war front immortalise the Anzac spirit. They are written into the historical record and into the heart of our culture. Interwoven through the years is the lived experience of pride, pain and loss that affected the whole of our society.

Those who directly experienced the cataclysm of the war, a conflict in which millions of young lives were lost are gone. Their personal memories have moved into the realm of history leaving traces in objects, words and images.

Their legacy is a gift, received by the generations of Queenslanders that follow to understand, share and learn about this monumental event in our society’s recent history

State Library of Queensland, through the John Oxley Library, has been collecting First World War diaries, letters, photographs and historically significant items since it opened its doors in 1934.

The Queensland experience of WWI is part of a much greater Australian and international story. Many Queensland experiences were shared by all Australians, however many experiences are unique to Queensland.

One hundred years on from the beginning of the First World War there are still stories to be told, memories to be shared, and undiscovered treasures tucked away in family homes, personal collections, and heritage and cultural institutions across Queensland.

Through uncovering our past, connecting stories, and capturing contemporary commemorations across Queensland, together we will build new knowledge, skills and online resources – creating a digital legacy for future generations to gain greater understanding of the Queensland experiences during and after the First World War.

Q ANZAC 100: Memories for a New Generation is a five-year state wide legacy initiative providing Queenslanders with opportunities to learn and contribute to bringing our history to life and a renewed WWI and Anzac legacy for future generations.

Q ANZAC 100 community program

Find out more about how you can be part of this WWI commemorative project by visiting Community and Heritage sector.

Soldier saluting during the Anzac Day dawn service in Roma, Queensland, 2014. Brian Rogers Anzac Day Photographs 2014. Image No: 29479-0001-0003